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What to Do if Someone Flees a Car Accident

Tips if someone leaves the scene of a car collision

According to Fox 29 San Antonio, a San Antonio car accident that ended with a man fleeing from the scene, leaving his girlfriend injured in the passenger seat and a mother and boy in the other car. Police say that alcohol is probably the reason the car accident occurred and the reason the man ran away from the accident. The report is unclear on whether or not the man has been identified or is caught. The point of this article is to talk about what happens when someone else fless a San Antonio car accident, or a car accident anywhere in the world. Hit and runs happen quite often, but how do you respond when you are left there injured or your car is damaged and you don’t want to get in a dangerous car chase with the other person who just hit you.

Let’s take a look at how you can respond if someone flees from a car accident that you are involved in.

Take Pictures of the Person or Vehicle Trying to Flee

If you are not injured, snap as many photographs as you can before the person gets away. Even if the person gets away you can use your phone to snap photos of the area. There might be some evidence that you are not noticing right now. It’s also nice to take some photos of your own car to pass over to investigators and personal injury lawyers who might be able to help you out along the way.

Identify and Remember the Licence Plate or What the Person Looks Like

Take a look at the license plate and see if you can document everything that is going on while the person is trying to escape. It’s not a good idea to chase after the person, but maybe tailing them for a brief time to at least see what color their car is. Overall, avoid any confrontations so that you can stay safe from the other person. They are already breaking the law, so who says they won’t continue breaking the law?

Talk to People in the Area to See if They Can Help

Sometimes you can see if business owners have cameras and sometimes other drivers are a quite helpful in helping you understand who was responsible for the hit and run. There isn’t always people sitting around to help out but you should try your hardest to reach out to people in the area, since they are usually your best bet. Take to a personal injury lawyer about your car accident and ask them to help you piece together the proper information.

Let us know if you have ever been involved in a hit and run accident and how you respond. Share your thoughts on the whole situation and if you think anytype of following action should be taken. The problem is that following the person is quite dangerous since they are already clearly trying to get away from the law.