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Villarreal & Begum December 26, 2019

What is Premise Liability?

premises liability

Premise liability is not as complicated as it sounds. It’s merely the idea that the premise or property, has some liability, or responsibility. It doesn’t matter if the premise directly caused the injury- if it can be proven that the property owners could have done something to prevent it, they may be held responsible. Say that you were walking into a store you assumed to be safe and slipped on a floor that was slippery and wet. The owners of that store are legally responsible for the safety of their patrons. Bussiness such as this is legally required to be free of hazards. As a customer, you are guaranteed a certain level of care. If the owner of this property failed to provide you that, they are responsible for the damages you incurred.

What to do After an Accident

After an accident on someone else’s property, the first mistake many people make is they get up and move around. If you aren’t in immediate danger, you should stay where you are and wait for help. Getting up and moving around could cause you more harm. Things like concussions or spinal injuries can easily be made worse by moving around. Wait for a trained medical professional such as a doctor or paramedics to help you.

Get Evidence

Snap as many pictures as possible in order to give your personal injury lawyer as much information as you can. Personal injury lawyers work off of images so that they can put together a strong case to get you the most compensation possible. Let’s say that you slip and fall or get hit by something on someone else’s property. If you don’t take a picture to show that there weren’t any warning signs than the owner can eventually put up a sign and pretend like it was there before.

If your unable to do this, getting a witness can be extremely helpful.  Exchange your contact information as well so that your personal injury lawyer to contact these people to act as witnesses. Some people might not want to act as witnesses but you can at least try to ask and see if they are willing to help you in the future.

How a Premise Liability Lawyer Helps

Often, people feel like their injuries are too minor to get a lawyer involved. However, if you have fallen or hit your head, you cannot be certain how serious the injuries were. If they do turn out to be serious, it will be much harder to get help later. Even if the business seems to be cooperating, you should still contact a lawyer. The business has its own interests in mind, and that is to stay in business.

You will not stand a chance up against the legal teams of large companies by yourself. You need an experienced premise liability lawyer. Someone has to protect your interests throughout your premises liability case. If your searching for a premises liability lawyer in San Antonio, Villarreal and Begum has the needed experience to fight for you. Call us today or contact us online for a free consultation  The Texas Law Guns may be able to help.