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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 4th, 2021

Bans on E-Cig Might Come After 6th Death


The CDC predicts that about 3.62 million underaged students are vaping. Today, the 6th vaping-related death occurred. This is having people calling for the banning of these dangerous products. Over 450 different people developed some kind of lung illness related to vaping. After Michigan’s ban on flavored vaping products, some are thinking this could be made federal. The Trump administration is considering a nationwide ban on flavored vaping products. The CDC has already warned that vaping is not meant for non-tobacco users. Those who do not have a nicotine addiction should not use the product. However, this has not stopped a swarm of middle to high school-aged children from using products like JUUL. While the sale of these products is banned for anyone under 18 or 21 in some cities, this hasn’t slowed down the growing number of child vapers. The CDC predicts that about 3.62 million underaged students are vaping.

Many are pointing to the fact that vape manufacturers are using sweet flavors to get kids addicted to nicotine. Flavors like bubble gum, grape juice, and so on are getting kids hooked on vaping. Evidence suggests that many companies that sell and manufacturers these products developed their marketing with children in mind. JUUL has even been accused of going to a high school to get students interested in their product.

The ban in Michigan is to last a total of 6 months. After that, the state can extend the order, or pass a law to continue the ban permanently.

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