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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: May 23rd, 2023

Reasons to Find a Lawyer Who Specializes in Car Accidents

car crashes

Car accidents happen and are an unpleasant experience. They are scary, and determining the person at fault is never clear. It is the job of car accident attorneys to put the case in your favor while handling competing attorneys or insurance companies. He or she must navigate the insurance company’s roadblocks and navigate the paperwork to accomplish a fair outcome.

Bad Roads

Car accidents do not always happen due to speeding or distracted driving. Potholes, water in large pools as well as the problems on the large roads result in accidents. These accidents happen due to bad road conditions and also to the improperly maintained or designed roads.

Common Bad Road Conditions

Roads are expected to be safe so everyone has the responsibility of ensuring the building and maintenance of the road is done properly. The hazard in the road becomes worse when contractors cut corners, engineers miscalculate and corrective action is not taken by the towns.

Ice and water alone are not the potential hazards encountered on roads. It also includes:

  • Potholes
  • Blind curves
  • Wrong slope
  • Shoulder drop-offs

Such problems are a menace and may cause drivers to lose control of their automobile and end up in accidents. In case your wheel hits a drop off, you lose control of the car. The threat is heightened when water collects in an improperly graded road. In fact, bad road conditions contribute to more fatalities in the nation. As bad roads exist, the hazards must be marked clearly, but as it is not done, the risk of car accidents increase.

Reasons for Bad Roads

The driver has a share of the responsibility as he is expected to pay proper attention to the road. He must notice water or potholes, but people responsible for maintaining and building them are equally and more responsible. Such entities include:

  • The engineer who planned the road such that water collects after rain or was designed with a blind curve
  • The road crew that failed to put up warnings of construction ahead
  • The construction company keen in cutting corners on materials
  • The transportation department that ignored putting warning signs of hazardous conditions after a rainfall
  • The state that fails to fix potholes in a timely manner
  • The municipality that ignored the signs for repeated requests at a stretch of road or at an intersection that shows high accident rates.

It is recommended to hire a specialist car crash attorney to assist you in determining after a car accident if it is due to bad roads and if you have a case against the companies or these people.

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