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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 4th, 2021

Heavy Metals Found in Most Baby Food Brands

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Healthy Babies Bright Futures conducted a study of national baby food brands and found that heavy metals are being used in the majority of these brands. These toxic heavy metals can be extremely damaging to a babies’ brain development. Even trace amounts can severely affect a child’s development, according to the study. Over 168 types of baby food from 61 different brands were tested. Almost all of the products contained at least lead. A total of 94% have some level of lead found in the containers. 73% of the products tested positive for arsenic, 75% tested positive for cadmium, and 32% tested positive for mercury. 26% tested positive for all four.

The nonprofit that conducted the study describe itself as “an alliance of nonprofit organizations, scientists and donors” that are trying to “reduce babies’ exposures to toxic chemicals in the first 1,000 days of development.” According to them, even trace amounts of these contaminants can affect a child’s growth. Things like a child’s IQ can be eroded. Rice-based products, sweet potatoes, and fruit juices had the highest risk of containing these heavy metals. The organization is encouraging parents to buy rice-free snacks and cereals for their infants. The organization is encouraging baby food manufacturers and the FDA to step up. They are trying to convince the FDA to establish health standards for baby food and to develop an active testing system so less harmful toxins will be introduced to infants.

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