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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 4th, 2021

Johnson & Johnson to pay out $37.3M


Yesterday, a New Jersey court awarded $37 million to plaintiffs that developed mesothelioma from J&J products. The case was concerning the use of asbestos in Johnson and Johnson’s talc products. The company claimed that no asbestos was used, but four people that developed mesothelioma from their products, disagree. However, this case is far from over. A spokesperson from J&J said they will be appealing the decision as soon as possible. This is far from the companies only problem. Johnson and Johnson have been in trouble all year for a long list of issues.

The biggest issue facing J&J is their role in the opioid epidemic. J&J and other drug manufacturers are facing lawsuits from local and state governments all over the country for their roles in this issue. J&J is also getting sued for defective medical devices like transvaginal mesh. As for the talc suits, this is the fourth suit they have faced. One of the previous suits ended in a $117 million verdict. While the most recent verdict is significantly less, J&J is in for a rough year if they keep losing these lawsuits.

J&J continues to say that there was n asbestos in their products, despite evidence that says otherwise. Lawyers for J&J say this evidence is based on “flawed science.” The courts have disagreed with J&J’s conclusion. If they want a chance of lowering the potential $4.7 billion verdict in Georgia they are currently facing, they better find a better argument or settle as quickly as possible.

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