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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: June 4th, 2021

Victim of Pedestrian Crash Awarded $12M


Last month a man who was the tragic victim in a pedestrian crash was awarded a total of $12 million for the injuries and damages he suffered as the result of his accident. Back in June of 2013, Anthony Burbano was standing on the sidewalk. He was waiting for a traffic light to change so he could cross the street.  However, a Debra Kay Short was coming down the road. The streets were wet, and she waiting too long to break. She was about to hit the car in front of her when she swerved to miss it. Instead, her car came up to the sidewalk. She hit Burbano, who was thrown 40 feet into the air. After landing back onto the sidewalk, he was then run over by Short’s sedan. This caused major head, leg, and arm injuries. His arm had to be amputated.

Burbano filed a lawsuit against Short and the Florida Department of Transportation for failing to maintain the roads. The FDOT later settled before trial. As a result of the accident, Burbano was unable to support his family. His girlfriend left him and took his daughter. He lost his apartment and had to sleep on the floor of his friend’s business. Eventually, he was able to move in with his mother. He suffered from depression, emotional distress, and retrograde amnesia due to Short’s negligence.

The defense then added insult to injury. They argued that Burbano’s damages should be limited. They claimed his life would return to normal if he got a prosthetic. While a prosthetic may help, it’s not going to be as if Burbano never lost his arm. He would never be able to do things he was once able to do. Not to mention the emotional trauma one goes through after losing a limb. Luckily, the jury recognized this and awarded Burbano $12 million.

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