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Villarreal & Begum Last Updated Date: January 7th, 2022

Women Sues San Antonio Scooter Company


Lime, a new electric scooter company that is one of the many companies responsible for the littering of scooters all over the city of San Antonio, is being sued. A woman by the name of Tina Galvan, 47, says she was injured while riding a Lime Scooter when she hit a small pothole and was thrown into the street. According to the lawsuit, Mrs. Galcan did not see the pothole due to limited light. San Antonio is also being sued as one of the defendants in the Lawsuit. According to court paperwork, the lawsuit alleges that San Antonio knowingly left the roadway in a dangerous condition in relation to e-scooter users. So far, this has been the first lawsuit launched against the city in the matter of e-scooters and their safety. Of course, it seems like it won’t be the last.

E-Scooter Dangers

according to the City of Austin and The Center for Disease Control, 48% of scooter injuries are to the head. Only one of the 190 reported injuries involved someone who was wearing a helmet. So far, one person has died due to a scooter accident. These injuries have helped launch several class-action lawsuits against these scooter companies all across the country.

Harmed by a Manufacturers Negligence?

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