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San Antonio Dangerous Drug Attorneys

Is your medication killing you? When your doctor writes a prescription, you believe the medication will help make you better. Your doctor shares that belief. Then why are you not getting better? Why do you have new, unexplained symptoms? Why did your loved one die?

We Love Fighting Prescription Drug Companies

The San Antonio dangerous drug lawyers at the Villarreal & Begum Law Firm have helped many victims suffering the effects of dangerous prescription drugs understand those questions and get help. We believe that the drug manufacturers should be held accountable. We believe you deserve compensation for the damage that has occurred. We believe your rights should be protected.

Why Are Prescription Drugs Sometimes Dangerous?

Doctors rely on drug manufacturers to conduct proper clinical trials and represent the truth to the FDA when attempting to get approval to sell a new drug to the public. The FDA must depend on the drug manufacturers to follow correct and safe procedures. Too often that trust is betrayed. Prescription drug manufacturers are among the largest, most profitable corporations in our country. With utter disregard for the end results, these powerful entities will misrepresent the facts of clinical trials with seeming impunity. They seek FDA approval with their only goal being their already inflated bottom line, rather than public welfare.

Today, tomorrow, and every day, it is possible that someone will be prescribed or buy a potentially dangerous drug. Someone may die. You or one of your loved ones may be one of these people. We believe that no matter how large or how powerful the negligent party, they must be held accountable. Our San Antonio prescription drug attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and resources to help you get the reparations you deserve.

Which Drugs are Hazardous?

Many prescription medications on the market today carry serious warnings of potential hazards, including death. The FDA requires that some drugs carry a “black box warning” explaining their potentially dangerous side effects. You most likely have never seen and never will see one of these black box warnings. Other medications have been pulled by the FDA as a result of serious or lethal complications. Fosamax, Singulair, Avandia, Phen Phen, Paxil, Benicar, Avastia and Vioxx are among the many drugs that are known to be potentially dangerous, having caused serious side effects and death. Sadly, the list goes on and on, and the number of victims continues to grow. The responsibility to oppose the drug manufacturers and protect the public falls directly on experienced dangerous drug attorneys like Villarreal & Begum.

Dangerous drugs are not limited solely to prescription drugs. Over the counter medications are also hazardous. Often, manufacturers fail to maintain proper quality controls, allowing drugs to be filled with impurities. Johnson and Johnson recently expanded a massive recall that began last year due to poor quality controls. Several of their medications including but not limited to Tylenol, Tylenol PM, Benadryl, Motrin and others are unsafe. Some were recalled because of impurities while others had the more serious complication of containing too much of the active ingredient.

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If you or a loved one has taken any of these drugs, or if you suspect that you may be the victim of a dangerous drug, get help immediately. Our well-seasoned lawyers have the necessary expertise and knowledge to face the negligent party and prevail. With offices in San Antonio, Brownsville and McAllen, Texas, the Villarreal & Begum Law Firm is ready to go to work for you. Call today for a free case evaluation of your claim.